Tuesday, June 28, 2011

bleak links: ddt to ducks edition

Drought, floods, shrinking icecaps, and Atlantis revisited in the Pacific provide plenty of material for the committed bleakophile's dark enjoyment.  In the midst of impending worldwide catastrophe, the blaring calliope of the farce politique finds GOP leaders bailing madly to keep their 2012 hopes afloat as their gunwales are swamped by message-stealing Tea Partiers and a growing perception that the minority party is so hungry to win back the White House and the Senate that it is actively obstructing the economic recovery.

Only the most determined aficionado is able to tune out the din of corporate reportage and seek the rarer delicacies which coat the pallet with gag-free goodness.

Allow us to demonstrate:

--- It was a simpler age when we sang DDT Is Good for Me-e-e!

--- It costs one million dollars to keep just one soldier in Iraq or Afghanistan cool.

--- Poverty porn eyes your bulging wallet.

--- College entrance exam wastes half of your time.

--- EFF is our BFF when the fuzz wants to see your junk (pdf).

--- Media makes poverty blacker than it really is.

--- We indulge our fetish for abandoned sites at a rocket factory (video).

--- Can meta recursion be funny?

--- The college president as chief entrepreneur in extremis.

--- Dope-digging duckies

--- Be a retronaut <--- our new favoritest word.  It's retrolicious.

--- Explore online media with Dr. Oblivion.  

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