Thursday, March 31, 2011


In a Disney-world full of prettily plasticized media, where news reporters answer to their entertainment executive overlords, and where we are told that the best way to support our soldiers is to buy a new car and burn more of the oil that is killing them, how do we get the insane rattle and clang of the spin-cycle out of heads?

The best way to clear the cloying Crispy Kreme sludge off your palette is to suck that lemon hard. 

Here, we supply the fruit.  When you are fed up by the propaganda, the spin, and big media's vapid portrayal of the human experience, you can come here and suck hard on a world view that seeks neither redemption nor salvation: reportage that seeks no lessons from failure, coverage that revels in the unfairness of it all, and exaltation of the everyman who looks upon disaster and says, "I told you so."

In that spirit, we are pleased to launch bleakday with an inspiring post from one of our blogospherical muses, The Film Dr.

The good doctor makes us want to do less with more and do it better than anyone else.